Course with Kimmo Lahtinen at Lanzarote 20/6 to 22/6 (in English)

AIDA judge course at Lanzarote

Start date: 2022-06-20

End date: 2022-06-22

Location: Ocean Freediving Lanzarote – Freediving School & Apnea Center, Puerto del Carmen, Spain

Event Type: Judge Course

Organizer: Kimmo Lahtinen

Additional info:-

Main Trainer: Kimmo Lahtinen

Assistant Trainer Judges: Sergio Soria

Course language: English.

Price: 50 eur (AIDA Judge certification) + 100 eur (course fee/person) + possibly costs (=if we need to rent a classroom or pool for practical trainings for a couple of hours).


To enrol in the AIDA Judge course – level E, an individual must:

– Be 18 years of age

– Have completed a freediver course and/or have entered a freedive competition as an athlete and/or have entered a freedive competition as a safety diver

– Have completed the Liability Release


The AIDA Judge course – level E is the foundation course to enter the competitive world of freediving covering the necessary knowledge and skills to act as a Judge during competitions. It is designed for students who already have basic freediving knowledge and like to learn more about the competitive side of freediving.

The purpose of the course is to familiarize the student with the knowledge, skills, organization, safety, planning, problems, and risks during freedive competitions either acting as judge, athlete, or organizer.

During the practical sessions, the student will learn organization set-ups for (both) pool and depth competition, line measurement and coding, safety procedures, and a refresh on the latest rescue techniques.

TOP IMPORTANT!!! : SELF STUDY (before the course start. TOP IMPORTANT!!).

The student must read the “AIDA Rules and Regulations” and “AIDA Technical documentation” before the start of the course. The student must be advised to take notes and write down questions about the competition regulations.

We will start with the theory exam (58 pcs hard questions from the current rules) –> this way we can focus better learning on how to use the rules and on how to judge instead of reading the rules during the course.

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